Ban LengthsEdit


7 to 30 days (depending on size, use self judgment) - second offence, Perm ban.

Crop stealingEdit

7 to 14 days - second offence, Perm ban.


If small amount (3 of same thing) - kick with a warning message

If continue, temp ban for 2 days

Malicious spam (non stop) - Perm ban with ban message saying "Appeal for unban at"


Websites, IP's, servers - Perm ban with ban message saying "Appeal for unban at"

Bad languageEdit

Swearing once or twice, kick with a warning message EG: "No swearing!"

Malicious swearing (allot or again after they have been kicked) - Tempban for 14 days.

Being a Moderator you are trusted to make your own decisions and judgment when banning - refer here if you are unsure about anything, when it comes to how long you ban, use your own judgment in referationnot a real word to this page.

Thank you, sincerely - EmpireOfSound

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